Introduction to IG Reels

Introduction to IG Reels

Over the years, Instagram has taken up its place on the order of Social Media giants. It keeps on getting better to cater to the growing needs of its users.

Just recently, it launched its new feature: IG Reels. One of the main highlight of this feature is it enables its user to record a 15 to 30- second video with music on Instagram. Now if you think that this feature is similar to TIktok. Yes, you are right.

Instagram has released this new feature to be able to reach and engage areas where Tiktok was not able to accumulate yet, like the country of Brazil. The launching of this new feature is also Instagram’s counteraction to the latter’s growing popularity.

This move is also influenced by Tiktok’s changing demographic. It is now dominated by Millennial users from being dominated before by the Gen-Z users.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, the recent feature of Instagram is a great way to creatively reach, capture new audiences and make your business presence known as it allows you to share behind the scenes and genuine engagements of your brand. Enabling you to show the “raw” side of your brand in which the audience prefers more.

Let me show you some quick tips on how to use this new feature, so you can now widen your reach and audience.

Credit to: David Murphy

First, open your Instagram camera and choose Reels which is located at the bottom scroll bar next to the Live option.

Next, choose the duration of your video clip between 15 to 30 seconds which you can do by pressing the circle button on the upper left side. You can also choose the length of each clip by choosing on the stopwatch icon next to Countdown.

Moving on to the fun part, you can customize and fulfill your artistic part by putting your own touch on the video clips by adding in some effects and stickers. Just simply click on the effects button.

You can also add in audio from other user’s reels or choose from your phone’s audio or record directly when using reels.

And when you are done and feel that everything is perfectly placed, you can edit the video thumbnail by choosing images from your camera roll.

Now you are ready to share your creative output to your stories, explorer feed, and new reels in the tab on your profile.

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