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Instagram: Introduction to Hashtags

Instagram: Introduction to Hashtags

There was a time when most of us used to use this # symbol for telecommunication purposes linked with our telephone devices only. And the rare usage of the hash symbol made it be considered as almost useless until a very fine day when we all started using social media like Instagram, and got to know the usage hashtag as the metadata used in social media for trending purposes, and it wasn’t long ago when hashtags became a very important part of our communication cycle through social media and a way to grow followers.

Hashtags: History & How it works

You might have heard about the word taxonomy in biology, or a unit if you’ve been a non-science student. As for those who still don’t understand the term, the word taxonomy means classifications into groups or units. Hashtags use the same concept; they divide the input that we give on social media into groups and divisions based on the theme of the input that we provide just for the sake of an increase in exposure, which can lead to growth of followers for your Instagram. You might be wondering why is it important anyway, well, we are well aware of the fact that millions of people use social media daily and it gets extremely difficult for someone to look up for a specific topic or a context that people posted about. Therefore, for ease of access, and increased exposure to the input that people give on social media, it was important to incorporate a metadata symbol that tagged or labelled posts that people make on Instagram.

Once you mention a hashtag with a post, it is then tagged and will be shown in that particular group of posts where other people used that hashtag to post their photos on Instagram. For example, you started dieting, and you want to post the photo of your food on Instagram, but at the same time you want a large number of people to see your photo, then all you have to do is to simply mention whatever caption you want with that photo, and simply mention #dieting or any other hashtag that you have seen to be trending related to dieting. This way if someone simply searches #dieting on the search bar of Instagram, they will be shown all the photos that were posted with the same hashtag, #dieting. You might still be wondering why is that even important, think again, as you increase the audience to your photos on Instagram by mentioning #dieting, you get a chance to get more number of follows and likes which increases your followers and engagement, that is what you want if you are a nutrition planner or a gym owner. Hence you can use Instagram as a business tool for the advertisement of your business without investing any penny in the advertisements. The use of social media has tremendously increased over the past ten years, and if you use this tool effectively for your business, you can not only increase your customers and followers on Instagram but also your productivity.

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