Instagram: Why is it beneficial for your brand?

Instagram: Why is it beneficial?

      Whether you are a business or an individual the one thing that you have to focus on when building your brand is marketing. Though this process has undergone many changes over the years, the importance of it remains the same. How you market yourself or your company will go a long way in influencing the success of the brand. The mediums that you can use for this have undergone a lot of evolution and through which are here in what can be termed as the digital age. A lot of the focus of marketing has been shifted to the digital space as people believe that’s where they can achieve the best results. And since the turn of the millennium, there has been one particular medium through which brand building has been undertaken. This happened with the creation of social media. From struggling to reach out to other people, we are now able to reach out to anyone wherever they may be. This social media revolution has not escaped the sight of those interested in marketing. Though there are many different examples of social media out there, there is one that seems to have stolen a march over the others. And that is Instagram. The photo-sharing social network’s popularity has exploded over a short period of time, and it has become a hotbed for creative marketing as well. So, if you want to establish or build your brand, you should be looking at using Instagram. In case you are wondering why you should be doing it, here is why.

1. The Reach

The simple fact of digital marketing is that you will be able to reach more people than you can with any physical form of marketing. So you could be in America, but people in Japan can see you as it is possible through Instagram. When you can reach more people, you will be able to create a buzz around your brand. This is only going to be helpful for you. And once this starts happening, the benefits will be all there for you to

2. Cost-Effective

Compared to other traditional forms of advertising, Instagram is much more cost-effective than they are. Instagram is particularly useful when you cannot afford to spend too much on the marketing. The results that you will get as a result of using Instagram is sure to make the investment worth it. Creating an account is free, and then you can post photos that help in building your brand. Though there is a cost to promote the images you post on Instagram. The good news is that this amount is minimal and the value is very high.

3. Connecting

The main reason why social media became popular was that it allowed people to make connections with people who otherwise they couldn’t have. This is the same with brand building as well. You could post photos of what goes on behind the scenes if you are a business. You could show the people that are part of your organisation as well. The more people see this, they will be able to form a connection with your business. This will make them more likely to do business with you. When it is more personal, you could show them a peek at your daily life so that they have a sense of belonging and feel free to relate to you.

4. Promotional and Branding Opportunities

The rise of Instagram as a platform has led to many people becoming famous & business to bloom on it. These people command a huge following which very often goes into the millions. Depending on your budget, you could ask someone to feature your work on their profile. The rates they charge can prove to be a little expensive, but the number of eyes who will see it is reason enough for you to try it. For a business, you could ask one of the influencer to post a photo saying that they like to use your services. When people see this, they will be more inclined to trust your brand. And when you are an artist, for example, you could ask them to showcase your work and thereby increasing the number of people who will visit your profile. Another promotional tactic that can be employed is to provide gifts to a random follower of your profile. When you do this, it will grab the attention of people and help in building your brand regardless of whether it is personal or business.

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