Instagram Growth (30 Days)

Recommended for personal brands & business IG Accounts

Growth range 100-700+ per month | 50 – 200 per 2 weeks

We will grow & market your account ORGANICALLY.

  • Follow/Unfollow method
  • Increase traffic and engagement to your INSTAGRAM
  • New people going to your page
  • Professional and honest service.

$120.00 / month with a 2-day free trial

Can I pay by PayPal?

Due to high fraudulent activities and scammers, PayPal is only available to our repeat clients or vetted clients.

After you’ve completed a month of subscription with us we can set-up the next month on wards via PayPal.

Accounts or hashtags to target

Please put their IG username, preferably account with over 5 000 followers Example; IG Accounts: The_potato_lover nickloq111 etc. Hashtags: photographylover, photography, photo, potd

How will I do it? / When does the order start?

I will like and follow accounts according to your competitors and hashtags you provided. This method is effective as you can compare it to door knocking but in Instagram world 🙂 E.g. followers of justinbeiber or any accounts you provide. Order begins within 2-30hours from time of purchase.

Can I use my account during this service?

The new Instagram has more restriction. During this service, please make sure not to do any liking/follow/unfollowing (once in a while is ok). If you must or has the urge to do so, please let me know so I can pause the service for a day. Posting photo, stories & videos & messaging is ok.

Can you tell me how many X amount of followers or sales will I get?

We do not guarantee anything as there a lot of factors that can affect this. However, I can promise that your page will grow :). We target followers of accounts you’ll provide, therefore, any type of followers you’ll get is from them. AVG growth 5-30 per day. 100-500+ per month

Will you UNFOLLOW everyone you followed?

Yes! After 1-4 days people that do not follow back will be unfollowed and at the end of the campaign you have a choice to unfollow everyone we followed or keep the ones that followed back :)!

Can you target by location/country/age/demographic/interest/income level?

No, we cannot. We simply target the followers of account or user of hashtags. The only possible way to narrow down the target is by using city/country based hashtag E.g. #nyblogger. Ideal Targets Accounts with 10k to 90k followers (big accounts have too many fake followers) Hashtags with 100k++ uses

Type of Accounts we do not accept

-DROPSHIPPING/NUDE/FAKE/SPAM/THEME pages -ACC made with a number that is connected with too many pages -ACC managed by other marketing agencies. -ACC that buy fake followers. These types of accounts are prone to IG verifications, these accounts are often made badly. Questions? Let us know

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