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Top 3 Sites For Instagram Hashtag Research

When you’ve been on social media for a while, you’ll realize that you have to have a pretty solid strategy in place when it comes to your hashtag game. When you’ve been on social media for a while, you’ll realize that you have to have a pretty solid strategy in place when it comes to your hashtag game.

Once, hashtags were linked to be famous in the social media platform Twitter but now tables have turned and hashtags are strongly associated with Instagram.

With all of the hashtags included in every post, Instagram has become oversaturated with it. Think about hashtag campaigns, UGC hashtag campaigns, sponsored hashtags, hashtag giveaways, and multiple hashtags that are applied to each post. Whether you are serious about Instagram marketing, we suggest that you listen to the influencers and maximize the use of hashtags be it for your personal gain or for your business growth.

We have shared with you before some hashtags tips and tricks to widen and reach your prospective audience.

Now, if you have got no idea or as still confused about what hashtags to post?

Make use of hashtag generators be it an app or website if you’re on a time rush and need a list of hashtags to use on your posts. They are easy to use, provide you with acceptable results, and are often free. You can create a list of optimal hashtags, to begin with and start studying a tiny bit more and use several generators to get the best possible results.

Task Ant hashtag tool will provide you with in-depth analytics around any hashtag so that you can determine whether or not it is right for your profile. Surely, these men know exactly what it takes to use hashtags to build a popular social media profile, which is why their hashtag generator is not only the first of its kind but claims it as the best of its kind. 

Flick.Tech is an all in one hashtag platform that can not only help you find the right hashtags for your social media development, including Instagram but can also help you manage them, if you need to switch them out for some reason. You can use this for your hashtags on TikTok and Twitter, as well as other social media. 

They provide the sort of development service for hashtags that has been around for a while and is still upgrading its services to match what you need. This is why they will help you with automatic likes and hashtags, which are a fantastic all-rounder. Looking for checking out your hashtags while staying on top of its game? Better check this out.


How to Craft Captions for Your Business Profile


A well-written caption on Instagram can work wonders. Captions are very important especially when you are working on an Instagram Business Profile. You want every word to have an impact and leave a good impression.

But the question is, what makes a good and well-written caption? A great caption on Instagram will add meaning, showcase the character of your brand, entertain the viewer, and/or compel people to take action. Captions may have a length of up to 2,200 characters, including emojis, and up to 30 hashtags. 

Keep in mind that your caption should be done creatively, reflects your brand personality, attention grabbing and speaks to your audience.

Today, we will be helping you on how to curate that Instagram captions for your Instagram business.

Here are some tips to help you master the art of writing compelling Instagram captions

1. Make a research to know your audience

Research who among the platform’s 1 billion users fit your target audience or customer profile. The more you understand your audience, the easier it is to tailor your marketing plan for Instagram that is dependent on their needs and expectations.

Once you have identified to whom you are talking, answering these set of questions will help you write caption:

Do I need to put more context?

Are emojis applicable to this post?

Can this reference be relatable to my target audience?

2. Your brand has a persona, thus your captions has a brand voice

Now that you have revealed your brand persona it is important that your brand voice reflects the values and qualities that you want to embody. You can do this by making a list while thinking of all the qualities and values that you want to relay to your audience.

To star, list down words specifically adjective to describe your brand. But also note that when it comes to this, don’t make it too serious we still want that natural, witty and creative side of you to show.

3. Every Word counts

Always remember to make the most out of your caption. Make it brief but straight to the point and add your creativity. Always keep in mind that most individuals scroll at a brisk pace across their Instagram feeds. 

4. the inverted triangle

Whenever you are about to write a caption think about the Inverted Triangle method. This is the journalist’s method of writing the important information at the very start of any sentence straightforwardly relaying important information. Bear in mind that when writing captions you must apply this method because in user feeds, captions are cut off after a few lines of text, so you need to quickly express your key point or call to action. So make every word hook your target audience right away.

5. Read, read, edit and post

Before you post that caption. Make sure that it is free from any errors and that your message is clearly conveyed. Great writing requires several drafts and edits, whether you are aiming for humour or information. Make every word count and remove words that are unnecessary. Keep it concise, clear and free from any error


Introduction to IG Reels

Introduction to IG Reels

Over the years, Instagram has taken up its place on the order of Social Media giants. It keeps on getting better to cater to the growing needs of its users.

Just recently, it launched its new feature: IG Reels. One of the main highlight of this feature is it enables its user to record a 15 to 30- second video with music on Instagram. Now if you think that this feature is similar to TIktok. Yes, you are right.

Instagram has released this new feature to be able to reach and engage areas where Tiktok was not able to accumulate yet, like the country of Brazil. The launching of this new feature is also Instagram’s counteraction to the latter’s growing popularity.

This move is also influenced by Tiktok’s changing demographic. It is now dominated by Millennial users from being dominated before by the Gen-Z users.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, the recent feature of Instagram is a great way to creatively reach, capture new audiences and make your business presence known as it allows you to share behind the scenes and genuine engagements of your brand. Enabling you to show the “raw” side of your brand in which the audience prefers more.

Let me show you some quick tips on how to use this new feature, so you can now widen your reach and audience.

Credit to: David Murphy

First, open your Instagram camera and choose Reels which is located at the bottom scroll bar next to the Live option.

Next, choose the duration of your video clip between 15 to 30 seconds which you can do by pressing the circle button on the upper left side. You can also choose the length of each clip by choosing on the stopwatch icon next to Countdown.

Moving on to the fun part, you can customize and fulfill your artistic part by putting your own touch on the video clips by adding in some effects and stickers. Just simply click on the effects button.

You can also add in audio from other user’s reels or choose from your phone’s audio or record directly when using reels.

And when you are done and feel that everything is perfectly placed, you can edit the video thumbnail by choosing images from your camera roll.

Now you are ready to share your creative output to your stories, explorer feed, and new reels in the tab on your profile.


Follow and Unfolllow method

Follow and Unfolllow method

Did you just venture into a new business and you’re looking for ways to make your business and Social media platforms visible?

No worries, we got you covered!

Over the years, business owners have shifted from traditional marketing to the now prominent means of marketing– through social media. One of the frequent social media platforms used is Instagram. People have been creative and tried a variety of methods to gain visibility and more importantly followers.

But what if we tell you there is an effective way to gain followers without using apps outside of the platform? Yes! It’s possible.

Let me introduce you to the Follow and Unfollow method here on Instagram. It is one of the go-to methods of every new account holder, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wanted to boost their sales or visibility. In a nutshell, it is done by following your targeted audience and looking for engagement in return.

Now, you might be thinking how does it actually work? Read on and follow the instruction carefully, and soon enough you’ll gain more followers and visibility.

The Method

1. We start off by acquiring the target accounts or hashtags provided by the client. We do this to ensure that the accounts we are  targeting are relevant and  people/ accounts within their niche. We don’t want to target vegan related accounts if your business is about those slow-cooked pulled pork, don’t we?

2. Then our smart filtering system ensures that we only target relevant and active accounts. We certainly don’t want “ghost” followers. No system is perfect but we always make sure to put our best foot forward in doing this.

3. Our expertise on Instagram over the years has been developed and is continuously improving. All of our actions and activities in the platforms are carefully done within Instagram guidelines and limits. There will be times that the platform will change their algorithm or they might create roadblocks. But we always assure our clients that is normal and something which we constantly overcome as our company’s belief is: adapt, grow and change.

4. Don’t be “unfollow-happy”- wait. Just patiently wait, before we start on unfollowing those accounts that didn’t return the favor. We wait until 3 to a maximum of a week before unfollowing those accounts, this is also a great step to filter out those who don’t use the platform on a daily basis. However, for the ones that followed back we recommend keeping those accounts for at least 1-2 months, and after 2-4 months do a massive clean-up and make sure to keep accounts that are actively engaging, this step is what we refer to as: “Rinse and repeat”.

5. Combining all the elements the above, you will receive new traffic daily on your instagram. The results varies from day to day, week to week, month to month. We are targeting different people after all. However, it is important to know that there are two main factors that can impact the results;

             a. The quality of your content – You have to make sure that your account is attractive to the point that people within your niche would appreciate it and have an incentive to follow back. If the quality is poor the chances of them engaging with you is slower. Higher quality = High visibility.

             b. The accounts being targeted – In a few weeks, we will be able to tell if the accounts we are targeting are working or not. If not, then clearly their audience are not your audience. We have to change the target that is more aligned to your voice or content.

This method can surely be your aid in growing your account but also bear in mind that this method will be more successful if you spend some time first to do some research on the following and unfollowing limit on Instagram.

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Instagram: Introduction to Hashtags

Instagram: Introduction to Hashtags

There was a time when most of us used to use this # symbol for telecommunication purposes linked with our telephone devices only. And the rare usage of the hash symbol made it be considered as almost useless until a very fine day when we all started using social media like Instagram, and got to know the usage hashtag as the metadata used in social media for trending purposes, and it wasn’t long ago when hashtags became a very important part of our communication cycle through social media and a way to grow followers.

Hashtags: History & How it works

You might have heard about the word taxonomy in biology, or a unit if you’ve been a non-science student. As for those who still don’t understand the term, the word taxonomy means classifications into groups or units. Hashtags use the same concept; they divide the input that we give on social media into groups and divisions based on the theme of the input that we provide just for the sake of an increase in exposure, which can lead to growth of followers for your Instagram. You might be wondering why is it important anyway, well, we are well aware of the fact that millions of people use social media daily and it gets extremely difficult for someone to look up for a specific topic or a context that people posted about. Therefore, for ease of access, and increased exposure to the input that people give on social media, it was important to incorporate a metadata symbol that tagged or labelled posts that people make on Instagram.

Once you mention a hashtag with a post, it is then tagged and will be shown in that particular group of posts where other people used that hashtag to post their photos on Instagram. For example, you started dieting, and you want to post the photo of your food on Instagram, but at the same time you want a large number of people to see your photo, then all you have to do is to simply mention whatever caption you want with that photo, and simply mention #dieting or any other hashtag that you have seen to be trending related to dieting. This way if someone simply searches #dieting on the search bar of Instagram, they will be shown all the photos that were posted with the same hashtag, #dieting. You might still be wondering why is that even important, think again, as you increase the audience to your photos on Instagram by mentioning #dieting, you get a chance to get more number of follows and likes which increases your followers and engagement, that is what you want if you are a nutrition planner or a gym owner. Hence you can use Instagram as a business tool for the advertisement of your business without investing any penny in the advertisements. The use of social media has tremendously increased over the past ten years, and if you use this tool effectively for your business, you can not only increase your customers and followers on Instagram but also your productivity.


Instagram: Why is it beneficial for your brand?

Instagram: Why is it beneficial?

      Whether you are a business or an individual the one thing that you have to focus on when building your brand is marketing. Though this process has undergone many changes over the years, the importance of it remains the same. How you market yourself or your company will go a long way in influencing the success of the brand. The mediums that you can use for this have undergone a lot of evolution and through which are here in what can be termed as the digital age. A lot of the focus of marketing has been shifted to the digital space as people believe that’s where they can achieve the best results. And since the turn of the millennium, there has been one particular medium through which brand building has been undertaken. This happened with the creation of social media. From struggling to reach out to other people, we are now able to reach out to anyone wherever they may be. This social media revolution has not escaped the sight of those interested in marketing. Though there are many different examples of social media out there, there is one that seems to have stolen a march over the others. And that is Instagram. The photo-sharing social network’s popularity has exploded over a short period of time, and it has become a hotbed for creative marketing as well. So, if you want to establish or build your brand, you should be looking at using Instagram. In case you are wondering why you should be doing it, here is why.

1. The Reach

The simple fact of digital marketing is that you will be able to reach more people than you can with any physical form of marketing. So you could be in America, but people in Japan can see you as it is possible through Instagram. When you can reach more people, you will be able to create a buzz around your brand. This is only going to be helpful for you. And once this starts happening, the benefits will be all there for you to

2. Cost-Effective

Compared to other traditional forms of advertising, Instagram is much more cost-effective than they are. Instagram is particularly useful when you cannot afford to spend too much on the marketing. The results that you will get as a result of using Instagram is sure to make the investment worth it. Creating an account is free, and then you can post photos that help in building your brand. Though there is a cost to promote the images you post on Instagram. The good news is that this amount is minimal and the value is very high.

3. Connecting

The main reason why social media became popular was that it allowed people to make connections with people who otherwise they couldn’t have. This is the same with brand building as well. You could post photos of what goes on behind the scenes if you are a business. You could show the people that are part of your organisation as well. The more people see this, they will be able to form a connection with your business. This will make them more likely to do business with you. When it is more personal, you could show them a peek at your daily life so that they have a sense of belonging and feel free to relate to you.

4. Promotional and Branding Opportunities

The rise of Instagram as a platform has led to many people becoming famous & business to bloom on it. These people command a huge following which very often goes into the millions. Depending on your budget, you could ask someone to feature your work on their profile. The rates they charge can prove to be a little expensive, but the number of eyes who will see it is reason enough for you to try it. For a business, you could ask one of the influencer to post a photo saying that they like to use your services. When people see this, they will be more inclined to trust your brand. And when you are an artist, for example, you could ask them to showcase your work and thereby increasing the number of people who will visit your profile. Another promotional tactic that can be employed is to provide gifts to a random follower of your profile. When you do this, it will grab the attention of people and help in building your brand regardless of whether it is personal or business.